Work in progress year 1

The Links to the kahoot games about Nürnberg

Jobs our parents do (top 5)

  1. Assistant
  2. Vegetable farmer 
  3. Employers
  4. Engineers
  5. Craftsmen

Famous people of Nuremberg (top 5)

  1. Albrecht Dürer
  2. Peter Henlein
  3. Martin Behaim
  4. Veit Stoß 
  5. Adam Kraft

Famous food (top 5)

  1. Nuremberg's original  grilled sausages (7 - 9cm)      
  2. gingerbread
  3. red beer
  4. grilled knuckle with dumplings
  5. asparagus  

Leisure time activities (top 5)

  1. football
  2. rock'n 'roll
  3. tennis
  4. skiing
  5. playing hockey 

Nuremberg's history and geography 

Nuremberg was founded about 1050 B.C.
There was a fond in a river and so people began to settle there. First there were only a few houses. Later on they began to build a castle on a small sandstone hill near the river Pegnitz.It was built for people who took shelter and as a house for the emperor, when he was in Nuremberg. Also a wall was erected round the city as a protection. 
As a reminder of those time there is a carillon on the church of Our Lady. It plays daily at 12 o' clock.


3.2.2015 Learning vocabulary and prepositions with quizlet


28.1.2015 : CLIL - Lesson

C L I L:  in the city

15.1.2015 - our first video chat started 


Europe, a "sweet" evening

On November 8th, 2014 our Erasmus classes and their teachers invited all parents and those who are interested in the new Erasmus plus project for a common evening into the community center of Boxdorf.

The opening was done by the second headmaster Mrs Andrea Rusch. After her speech pupils of class 4 c acted a small sketch about the meaning of an “Erasmus plus project” and what our project team will do during the next three years in the project. Then several pupils presented the partner countries. They showed different posters, with interesting facts about Finland, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Spain.     


Before offering the big Erasmus cake they sang the song “Brother Jack” in all partner languages. We ended our successful evening with Zuckowsky’s song “Europa, Kinderland”

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