work in progress year 3

                                        Eudropolis - our final paper game

Our common e-book


Have a look to
The book of friendship  

paper game (like snakes and ladders)

game cards: 

Padlet Germany 


Do you know the most important facts about Berlin? Test it!

Quizizz about the German capital

CLIL - Evaluation

The German Capital (PPP) - Berlin

facts about Berlin

 CLIL about Germany's capital

To learn with CLIL - lessons about our capital we used the following steps:

  • brainstorming (asking for the pre-knowledge)
  • watching a video (sightseeing tour in Berlin)
  • working on detail with the Internet
  • vocabulary-learning with quizlet  ( vocabulary )
  • worksheet about facts of Berlin
  • quiz with quizizz
  • evaluation

Our traditional dance


Gemütlichkeit (interpret: Peter Jank)



Es geht nichts über die Gemütlichkeit                                                     
Ei ja, so so
Wenn der Vadder mit der Mudder auf die Kärwa geht
Ei ja, so so
Fideri, fidera, fideralala
Fideri, fidera, fideralala
Ei ja!